Steven H. Blackwell

FileMaker Pro Development and Consulting

FileMaker Pro Security Consultation

FileMaker Server Configuration and Deployment Consultation

FileMaker Authorized Trainer

FileMaker Certified Developer

Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance (2011- )

Platinum Member, FileMaker Business Alliance (2007-2011)

Partner Member, FileMaker Solutions Alliance (1998-2007)

Partner Member, Claris Solutions Alliance (1997)

Two time winner, FileMaker Excellence Award

About Management Counseling Services

I design and develop FileMaker Pro database systems intended to help enterprise work groups, trade and professional associations, and small businesses manage and use their key business information. I also provide consultation about correct, safe, and optimal configuration and deployment of these databases in conjunction with FileMaker Server across both local and wide-area networks and the Internet. Additionally, I provide security audits and security remediation for FileMaker Pro files, both standalone and hosted.

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